Sunday, March 22, 2009

Want to help save The Parkway Speakeasy?

As we explained earlier this week, today is the last day The Parkway Speakeasy Theater will be open!!  If you are as bummed as we are to see this Oakland landmark close its doors, well then join in the fight to keep it open!!  Today around 3pm come show your support at The Parkway!  There will be time to reminisce with neighbors or maybe even catch one last movie, but most importantly there will be a sign up list for volunteers!  The plan is to try and make The Parkway something of a volunteer run coop in order to keep the movies playing and the beer flowing!

They need all the support they can get, so please for the love of Oakland SAVE THE PARKWAY SPEAKEASY!!

here are a few things the organizers are asking you keep in mind for the event...after the jump!

1. Tomorrow's gathering

It is a tribute we have organized, not the Parkway. Please be aware that we do not have the necessary permits to host a large gathering and that we have communicated with city officials to this regard. We have been asked to let everyone know to please remember to keep the neighbors and cleaning up after yourself in mind.

2. Tomorrow's goals

a. to say thank you and farewell (for now) to our beloved theater. Again, tomorrow is a tribute first and foremost.

b. to gather as many signatures and emails as possible to demonstrate to all parties (landlords, owners, the city, nearby businesses) the number of people that this theater brought together. The more support we can demonstrate the greater the likelihood that we'll be able to get the city to help us continue to organize.

c. to have fun and be together. Ultimately, this is about people.

3. What we do not want

a. we do not want the spread of rumors as to the cause of the Parkway's closure. There is a lot of speculation going on based on limited facts and for now we need to focus on the goals stated above.

b. we do not want hundreds, if not thousands, of people all sending conflicting messages. If we can get the city to recognize the need for leadership on this then we can get the necessary space to hold follow-up community meetings. Many locals have offered their business locals and skills as support. It's been beautiful to watch unfold.

c. we do not want to cause unnecessary trouble for anyone, be it the landlords, the owners, the city, or ourselves. The better we organize the more likely it is that we all win.

d. we do not want negativity. We're all upset over the closure of the Parkway. Our cause is to transform this into something positive and constructive.

4. What we do want

a. More support! Please continue to spread the word. I would like this community to be nationally recognized for its willingness to organize in the face of such constant dire economic news. We can set an example and inspire.

b. Anyone with relevant skills, businesses, experience, etc. to come to the organizers of this group so that we can localize this information and effectively manage the process. No one person can do this job. It's also impossible for everyone to try to be doing it.

c. Connections of any sort that you believe will help our cause. Please send them directly to the organizers. We will do our best to prioritize these based on the nature of the support. As the group grows in size this becomes more difficult and so we have a greater need to remain focused and organized. Please be patient with us. We're doing our best!

d. Signs for the gathering tomorrow. Examples could range from "We Love The Parkway!" to one of many of our favorites, "Yes We Can!"

5. What we want you to know about where we are so far-

a. The FB group has ballooned from 2,000 members to nearly 3,000 members since yesterday.

b. I have personally spoken to The Chronicle, The Oakland Tribune, and KALX 90.7 (who interviewed Catherine and Kyle Fischer of The Parkway today).

c. The Oakland Tribune will be sending a reporter and a photographer on Sunday.

d. The Chronicle is doing a small piece on our group. I'm not sure when it's running. I would imagine either tomorrow or Monday.

e. That we love you and couldn't do this without you.

If you would like to actively participate in the tribute ceremony planned organizers are asking that you RSVP with the facebook event that has been created.  Click here to RSVP.

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