Sunday, February 22, 2009

Show and Tell: SF Indie Fashion

We are starting a new series "Show and Tell" where we will be highlighting blogs/websites that are just too good not to share!  And to jump right in and start off this series, we have the fantastic website SF Indie Fashion.

SF Indie Fashion is a site and online resource dedicated to the independent fashion scene in the Bay Area.  Edited and managed by Lorraine Sanders, this site is an invaluable source for up and coming designers.  Here in the Bay Area, we actually have VERY few trade resources for our local fashion industry.  Before trying to find information was a shot in the dark (and meant talking to everyone you know until someone had your answer), but now we have a place to go for information out about all the different craft shows, fashion shows, and other design events needing local artists.

Another reason we love SF Indie Fashion is that they have a strong belief in the importance of conscious consumerism and supporting your local independent fashion scene-locally-owned boutiques and businesses and creative endeavors of all kinds.  If all us little guys are to survive through this economic downturn we need all the local support we can get!  So spread around the community love and make SF Indie Fashion your go to source for store/designer reviews and the latest in local events!

If you have a site that you just cannot live without...share it with us!!

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