Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We're Back Northernly!

So our trip Los Angeles was better than we had hoped for!  Our first stop to the Northridge Hospital craft fair went really well.  We got to show off a bunch of our little benny styles for the wee ones.  And thanks to Kelly's craft dad, we scored ourselves a sweet new rolling rack for our upcoming Oakland craft shows!!

Before we hit the park hard for our Harvest Party with When You Awake, we took a family day and had a huge early Thanksgiving!!  It was fantastic and best of all this means we get to feast twice this year!

After all the turkey we had our HARVEST PARTY!!  Woo Woo!  For not being able to have live music the party was a smashing success.  We had a great turnout, with lots of crafts to do, lots of games to play and just lots of awesome people!  We will get you pictures of all the festivities as soon as we get them!!  So stay tuned!!

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