Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sad News....

Unfortunately we have some sad news to share with you.  It seems that the city is not a fan of autistic music in public areas and they have specifically told trails cafe that they are not allowed to host a musical show of any kind!!  So what exactly does this mean for our beloved Harvest Party that the crew at When You Awake has so diligently worked on, booking some amazing artist?

Well it ultimately mean improvisation.  We will still be hosting a craftastic time at Trails Cafe, just without the excitement of live music (a disappointment i know...)!  So please join us for some awesome tunes DJed by When You Awake, a whole bunch of crafts to make your honey a little holiday something and (as a new twist) a ton of games that are perfect for spending a day at the park.  We will have boardgames and frisbee and botchi ball for your competitive side and crafts for your creative half!

So please join us still, for an afternoon of debauchery and crafts!  Bring a game of your own and i will challenge you to a dual!

Location:  Trails Cafe in Griffith Park

Time: November 23rd, Sunday from 1-5pm

We will be back with force and live music come spring harvest time!!!!

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