Thursday, November 20, 2008


We are invading LA!!  We have also wanted to take our craft party on the road so have teamed up with When You Awake and Trails Cafe in Griffith Park to bring you all a glorious day of country crafts, kickin tunes and refreshments this sunday, November 23rd, from 1pm to 5pm!!

The crew at When You Awake and Trails Cafe have booked some awesome bands for the day, but just to keep you on the edge of your seats we won't be announcing them until closer to the event.  Trust us, you will not be disappointed, but rather the opposite!!  We will also have a sweet crafts section were you can come and get creative with bandanas, stencils, beads and shawls.  So come make your honey a little holiday goodie...take in some great tunes...and just enjoy!

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