Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chruch of Craft

We are loving this new movement and we just had to let you in on the awesomeness that is the Church of Craft!  The church is a collective of people coming together to create an environment where any and all acts of creation have value and simple satisfaction.  The Church of Craft maintains no dogma or doctrine beyond what every member believes for themselves.

These churches have begun popped up throughout the US, Canada and now the UK!  We are lucky to have one of these great churches locally meeting in the always crafty Rock Paper Scissors Collective!  This month's Sunday School will be teaching embroidery basics on refurbished and recycled fabrics.  Come and spread a little crafty goodwill!

When: Sunday, April 19th, 12-5pm (always the 3rd Sunday)

Sunday School from 12pm - 1pm

Craft On from 1pm - 5pm  (craft whatever you like, open house style)

Where: RPS Collective 2278 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

What to bring for Sunday School: Embroidery Basics
Needles, thread and fabric scraps will be available for use in the class. Bring clothing or household items (such as pillowcases or napkins) to begin or discuss an embroidery embellishment project now! OR use the fabric scraps to master some of the basic stitches. A hoop and a highlighter is helpful but not required.

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