Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanks Oakland DIY!

We have a great time last night at the Stork club for Oakland DIY's Holi-DIY craft show.  There was a great blues band that performed, loads of sweet handmade goodies for holiday gifting, a fantastic burlesque show (with amazing costumes!!) and huge raffle giveaway at the end!  We are sorry but in our rush to get our butts over there and setup we conveniently forgot our camera so no pictures....but we just had to thank everyone that showed up and supported us.  It means soo much!!

peace and glue -

benny & kelly

p.s  We will be bringing you some great new styles to the store (a tons of organic tees!!!) in the next month!  So keep posted soon as the rain clears out we'll take photos for our first store update.  We would not be surprised if there are  some good sale items in there too!!!

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