Wednesday, March 3, 2010

spare change makes sweet tees

Kelly's boyfriend hates all change except quarters, what he believes is the only "useful" coin. So day after day we watch him come home and pile all his pennies, dimes and nickels in a sweet vintage tin never to be thought of again. We could take the time to roll the coins and take them down to a bank, but what is the fun in that?  So we decided they must go the crafty way! We grabbed a handful of change, some spray paint and got to work creating some homemade printed tees in three simple steps!!

All the how tos after the jump...

 Step 1: Gather Supplies

To begin, start gathering all the spare change you can find from dirty pant pockets or the floormats of your car or try the classic trick of looking through your couch cushions! After that all you'll need to grab is a spare t-shirt (preferable one your already bored with) and some spray paint.

Step 2: create your pattern
Next just layout the change in whatever pattern you choose. You can make pretty much any pattern, but one of our favorites is the snowflake or star design...

Step 3: add the color and done
Finally just spray the shirt in whatever matter/pattern you choose, making sure you color the coins and the tee around the coins throughly. helpful hint: use colors that are similar in color to your tee and it will look more like it has been dyed that way then spray painted!!

Let dry and remove the coins to discovery your sweet new tee-shirt!!

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