Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sharing the craft love!

Benny and I have decided to bring back the crafty tutorials and share some crafty love with all you lovely people.  And to start the craft party off right, we bring you Mason Jar Soap Dispensers!

Mason jars are extremely useful and can be repurposed for a variety of reasons, including cups, vases and storage jars.  On one of my last thrifting adventures, benny and I were on the hunt for amazing mason jars to use in our sister's upcoming summer wedding (she is doing a vintage farm theme).  When we ran across these beauties, we decided to take her vintage farm theme to a new level with some homemade mason jar soap dispensers!
all the How Tos after the jump...

Step 1:  gather supplies
There are really only a few supplies to gather…a mason jar with lid, marker, wire cutters (any kind of scissors that will cut through the lid’s metal), drill (a nail and hammer will do the trick as well), a hot glue gun, the pump from an old soap dispenser and your favorite hand soap.

Step 2:  cut a hole
First you need to cut a hole in the center of the lid, just large enough for the recycled pump to fit.  Start by marking where and how big the hole will be with your marker.

The using the drill punch a series of holes around the outside edge of your marked off circle.  If you don’t have a drill, no worries!  You can easily use a nail and hammer to get the same effect.  Once you have created the holes you can now take your wire cutters or other form of strong scissors and finish cutting out the desired shape. 
Step 3:  glue!
Now that you have cut the hole, you can glue the recycled pump in place using a hot glue gun.  I would start at the top and glue the bottom of the pump directly to the top of the lid.  Once that is completely dry I recommend flipping the lid over and hot gluing all along where the pump and lid meet.  This will ensure a really good seal between the lid and the pump (see picture below). 

Step 4:  fill & pump
Now that you have transformed the jar, all you need to do is fill it with your favorite hand soap and wash your hands!

Send us pictures of your awesome mason jar dispenser creations!

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