Monday, June 1, 2009

help needed...

Recently we shared with you all the sad demise of The Parkway Theater and helped spread the word about the amazing group i like the parkway.  Well i like the parkway has been working non-stop trying to get The Parkway back for oakland.  The group recently announced that there are investors currently in talks to re-open the Parkway Theater!

These investors have asked i like the parkway to help them gather feedback from the community as to what we want the future of The Parkway to be.   So they need a just little help from all of us oakland lovers in the form of a quick online survey.  If you have five mintues to spare, please visit to share what you would like The Parkway to be!

Remember if you don't get involved, you can't complain if the Parkway doesn't come back!  If you feel the need to do more then pass this along to all your friends, sign up for the i like the parkway mailing list or just volunteer!

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