Friday, June 5, 2009

ABCO craft fair!

This saturday, ABCO Art Space is hosting the start of a series of crafty shows. The event will featuring local artists from around the bay area. Shoppers will find clothing from local designers, hand made belt buckles, hair accessories, organic body products, ceramics, original artwork, organic coffee, and so much more. There will also be live music, DJ's, Food and Beverages.

The idea was first explored last November by ABCO's founder and director, Barry Monigle. With no place for artists to gather and sell their wares, Monigle stepped in to offer up the expansive amount of space that ABCO has to offer for an event like this. With a huge outside area, a large indoor gallery and an expansive warehouse to spread the event through, it is an ideal location for a craft fair.

When:  saturday June 6th  12pm - 8pm
Where:  ABCO Art Space 3135 fillbert st, oakland

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