Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day!!  We love our planet and what better way to really show that then to do  everything one can to make life better for our planet.  Well if your in New York, The Lower East Side Ecology Center will teach you how to love our earth with a FREE indoor composting workshop. Learn how to set up and maintain a worm bin in your apartment. You can even get your own full compost bin setup kit for only $55 each (on a first-come, first-serve basis).  So get dirty and show the planet you care!

When:  Wednesday April 22nd  5pm - 6:30pm

Where:  Exit Underground at Exit Art 475 Tenth Ave, New York

LESEC is Calling for new Worm Corps Members!

Worm Corps is a group of compost experts who volunteer to help spread the love of vermicomposting by teaching "wormshops" (worm workshops) to students at schools all over Manhattan as well as tabling with the worms and other info about LESEC programs at environmental fairs and festivals. New members will attend a two-hour training session and then will be contacted when volunteer opportunities become available. Interested? Please contact Carey for more information by calling 212-477-3155 or e-mail

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