Monday, March 2, 2009

Recycling and Resourcefulness: Quilts of the 1930s

There is a fantastic show going on at New York's American Folk Art Museum, that highlights the relevance of DIY crafts in a struggling economy.  We have seen the DIY community grow increasingly in the last 5 years out of interest and not necessity.  Back in the day, innovative crafts were largely completely because of a necessity or a need to conserve.  As our planet and economy begin to push this "resourcefulness" mentality on us, we should be looking to the past for not only inspiration but also instruction.

"Recycling and Resourcefulness: Quilts of the 1930s"  is an exhibit of 12 quilts made during the Depression ear by reusing clothing, feed sacks and other recycled textiles.  They created these "new" quilts with vibrant patterns, making the absolute best of what little they had and in the process creating amazing works of art.  We can only hope that in our current economic downturn we will be seeing more and more creative means of making ordinary items.

When: Exhibit runs until Sunday March 15th  (hurry or you'll miss it!)

Where:  American Folk Art Museum  2 Lincoln Square,  NY

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