Monday, February 2, 2009

"a talk show that can't be seen on tv"

The fifth edition of the amazingly compelling festival, The Influencers, is just around the corner for all of those lucky enough to be in lovely Barcelona.  This festival is a major highlight for street art loving aficionados, hosting artists that have had a positive impact in this growing scene.

This year is not one to miss, with the likes of Blu, Improv Everywhere, Swoon, Wolfgang Staehle and more....  But the best part and reason we are soo bummed to not be joining in the fun are the workshops with Improv Everywhere on friday afternoon!!  If you get the chance to go we are officially jealous but will accept photos as a form of apology!  Enjoy!

Location:  Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

When:  February 5th thru 7th, 2009

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