Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nostalgia’s No Good at L'Keg Gallery

We recently heard of this show and subsequently L'Keg Gallery so we just had to share.  "Nostalgia's No Good" is a show featuring flier art, video and photography that has helped perpetuate the DIY movement in the indie art and music scene, mostly focusing mainly on the punk movement.  The show will highlight art from groups/collectives such as The Smells, PPM, Sean Carnage, Videothing, Club Ding-A-Ling, Part Time Punks, and more.

"Nostalgia's No Good"  will only be up for the next (4) days so be sure to make sometime if your in the la area.  In honor of its closing, there will be a show reception on Feb 20th.  Be there or miss out on music by Pizza, drinks and nourishment.When: NOW thru Feb. 20th,   closing reception Feb 20th at 8pm (cost $5)

Artist descriptions by L'Keg Gallery after the jump...

"The Smell, since 1998 has held the principle of D.I.Y, creating a community of oriented art and music space of all ages. It has supported the environment of creativity and artistic innovation and freedom. Jim Smith, founder of The Smell will be displaying various original flyer art.

PPM, Dean Spunt from No Age, founder of Post Present Medium, will be introducing its "new video works,” who started the label after he got in a car accident with a member of the Backstreet Boys in 2001. His motivation is to collaborate with friends and has always wanted a Teen idles 7." The new video works features videos by ABE VIGODA, BARR, BLACK BLACK, DEERHUNTER, ERASE ERRATA, FINALLY PUNK, HAWNAY TROOF, HIGH PLACES, DAVID HORVITZ, JAPANTHER, KIT, LUCKY DRAGONS, MIKA MIKO, NO AGE, POCAHAUNTED, THE SADS, SILVER DAGGERS, and many more.

Sean Carnage, director and producer, promoter, hosting "Sean Carnage Monday Nights" at Pehr Space. His feature-length video 40 Bands 80 Minutes! Will be apart of our video installation along with flier art.

Michael Stock also a Part Time Punk, will be displaying a series of his hand made poster prints, which under go no process of Photoshop!

Paul Rodriguez has primarily worked in// photography, film, collage, and sculpture. He has participated in a series of group shows, film festivals and had published work on Spin, Current TV, LA Record, Spin TV, Boulevard Industries, URB, CMJ Monthly, Shook (UK) Young Cubs Records, Terrorbird Media, Buddyhead Records, Agoo Records, Blood Is The New Black.

Vim Crony uses electronic music, video projection, the structures of cinema, and documentary to explore life. "

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