Thursday, February 12, 2009

Candy Heart Tea Bags

Our Next Valentine's Day gift is what we personally gave out to our friends this lovely holiday, custom  heart tea bags!  They are super easy way to create a custom gift and sure to please any tea lover.  They can be made in no time, with little need in the way of supplies!

So invite your "hot momma" over for a cup of tea in this rainy weather.  We are sure they will find you irresistible!! How tos after the jump...

Step 1:  gather supplies

Not much is needed really, most of which you probably already have lying about.  Things to get...glue (any kind really depending on the material you plan on gluing here), scissors, card stock, bagged tea and any needed markers/pens/paints.

Step 2:  cut out hearts

First, we need to create our hearts for the end of the tea bags.  To do this cut out a template heart (make this one a real good one it is what all your hearts will look like) and then trace it multiple times onto your card stock.  You will need two hearts for every bag of tea.

Helpful Hint:  A good trick for cutting out a template that is symmetrical is to fold the card stock in half and then cut out half a heart with the folded edge acting as the middle divider of the heart.

Step 3: decorate hearts

Once the hearts are cut, it's time to color and decorate them, making them look more like candy hearts. We used spray paint as a quick and easy way to color the hearts to our liking.  But you can color the hearts however you want with markers, paint, crayons, anything really!

And now for the very best part of this craft!!  The part where you get to bring all your witty genius to the table, coming up with hilarious saying for your intended valentine.  Although we have our talents, Kelly thought we were a bit lacking in the creative writing department, so we enlisted the help of our friend Jenna over at When You Awake.  She helped us to brainstorm a great little list of tea related love sayings, for your pleasure of course!

10 tea-tastic love sayings...

"U warm my heart", "steaming 4 you", "chai love U", "UR my sweetea", "steep in love", "honey 4 my honey", "boiling hot", "berry nice", "2 hot 2 touch", and "stir it up"

Step 4:  gluing!

The next step is just putting all the pieces together.  Take your glue (we used our trusty hot glue gun for this one) and bagged tea, remove the small paper square at the tip of the tea's string and glue a pair of your hearts together, sandwhich the end of the string between the two hearts. Once the glue sets you have yourself a custom tea bag!!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="322" caption="here is a sweet pair that we made out of felt!! this project to great to use anytime!"]here is a sweet pair that we made out of felt!!  this project to great to use anytime![/caption]

Show us what hilarious sayings and creative designs you come up with.  We would love to post them!!

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